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Headteacher: Tracie Langfield

Music at Astley

We are a school with a real passion for music, regularly including singing in all aspects of school life and learning. As a result, children from across the age ranges confidently perform in concerts as well as our lower school nativity play and our upper school summer play productions.

All children receive weekly music lessons from our specialist music teacher with units of work planned to cover the key areas of performance, composition, listening and evaluating and make links with other topics being studied in class. Class groups learn instruments including the ocarina, recorder and violin and this can be a first step in identifying gifts which are then developed further though one to one music lessons.

Individual specialist music tuition is offered in piano, clarinet, flute and guitar during the school day and parents are welcome to request further information on this at any time.

Our school choir performs regularly at the Kidderminster Town Hall as part of the local ‘Youth Makes Music’ concerts.

Every three years our Key Stage Two children join ‘Young Voices’ in Birmingham. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to experience a large school choir concert at an amazing venue.