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Email: [email protected]
Headteacher: Tracie Langfield

Meet the Staff

We have a fantastic staff team who work extremely hard to provide an outstanding learning environment for the children.


Headteacher - Mrs. Tracie Langfield

Office Manager - Mrs. Cathy Pogmore

Administrative Assistant - Mrs. Michelle Hale

Ash Classroom

  • Class Teachers: Miss Dee Creig
  • Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Hollie Kilgour, Mrs. Katie Bosbury, Mrs. Laura Howells and Miss Kate Wills

Willow Classroom

  • Class Teachers: Mrs. Rachel Austin and Mrs. Louise Bodlovic
  • Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Amanda Payton, Mrs. Jayne Hurst and Mrs. Michelle Hale

Elm Classroom

  • Class Teachers: Mrs. Bronwen Wilcox and Mrs. Tori Tregear
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Natasha Mallen-Freeman

Oak Classroom

  • Class Teachers: Miss Laura Robertson
  • Teaching Assistants: Miss Miriam Marshall 

Lunchtime Supervisors - Mrs. Katie Bosbury, Mrs. Michelle Hale, Mrs. Jayne Hurst, Mrs. Natasha Mallen-Freeman, Miss Miriam Marshall and Miss Kate Wills