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PE & Sport at Astley

At Astley we recognise the contribution of PE to the health and well-being of all our pupils. We believe that the PE curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of every single learner in our school.

What is the Sports Premium?

The funding for this project aims to improve physical education (PE) and sporting provision across all primary schools. This money is provided to primary schools and can only be spent on PE and sport and is designed to improve the range and quality of sports available to children.

How can the money be spent?

Schools have the freedom to choose how they spend the money providing it directly impacts on PE provision. Some possible examples include:

  • Increasing pupil participation in all levels of competition.
  • Employing specialist coaches to work with pupils and teachers.
  • Providing extra resources and training to improve current sporting provision and to develop the range of sports offered.
  • Jointly use the funding to improve participation with local schools.
  • Encourage less active or minority groups to be involved in sporting activities and clubs.
  • Develop both competitive and non-competitive sporting activities within school and across schools.

We are using the Sports Premium to extend our provision through the use of additional sports professionals, training staff to deliver high quality PE sessions across the school and entering into a wide variety of competitive sporting events through our Cluster group. 

We also promote and encourage a wide range of different sporting and fitness opportunities for our pupils both in school and out of school and actively signpost children to clubs to help develop participation and skills. Our commitment to sport has been acknowledged by the School Games GOLD award in 2016 and 2017.

Please click here to see evidence of the impact of PE and Sport Premium and here for our PE indicators and swimming outcomes.

How we spend our funding

Astley School should receive funding of £16,810 for 2017-18 and the following amounts have been committed to PE spending during this academic year:

  • £6,000 - Employing professional sports coaches to enhance our PE provision and co-ordinate a range of after-school activities, which have included multi-sports, football, basketball, scooter hockey and breakdancing. This is also providing CPD opportunities for staff who are learning new skills.
  • £2,000 - Membership of The Chantry Sports Pyramid, giving access to PE training for teachers as well as inter-school competitions, fixtures and events. Also providing transport for pupils to attend events during the school day.
  • £500 - Further subsidising of transport costs for the children to attend various sports festivals and fitness activities throughout the year.
  • £1,500 - Updating PE resources and a new PE shed to store resources and for small group PE activities.
  • £200 - Subsidising dance and gymnastics festival attendance including CPD updates for Astley staff.
  • £250 - Audit of PE equipment and associated upgrades.
  • £125 - PE Conference fee for our PE Co-ordinator.
  • £6,000 - Allocated towards updating our outdoor play area with safe climbing equipment for the pupils. Also playground markings that offer a range of activities for the children to take part in during playtimes and with staff during curriculum learning times. These come with CPD training for all staff.

Our School, The Chantry Cluster & Worcestershire West Sports Partnership

Astley is a small school that has always understood the importance of PE and sport to our learners and we strive to ensure that our pupils experience a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Every child in our school is involved in competitive sports as part of PE lessons, extra-curricular clubs and activities, cluster tournaments and other team sporting events that take place throughout the school year. We work alongside Worcestershire West Sports Partnership so that our children are given the opportunity to compete at a district level.

Astley School is an important part of The Chantry Cluster and we attend sporting events throughout the year.

Our cluster of schools has a very clear vision for PE and sport which involves increasing the opportunities for competitive sports for all pupils.