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Experience Easter 2019

On a cold but beautiful sunny day, we took our learning about Easter up to the churchyard at St Peter's Church, Astley. Here we were able to experience the Easter events as a slow journey including times of reflection and creative responses.

In Gethsemane, we learnt how Jesus was strengthened by an angel in his time of need. Our ribbons blowing in the breeze enabled us to reflect on where we find strength. Our playdoh models speak of our own experiences of fear. 

We met Peter in the courtyard and heard his story of betrayal. We then watched our own regrets disappear in the fire and heard how Jesus had mended their relationship through forgiveness.

Our journey further through the churchyard took us to Golgotha where we made our own rustic crosses and thought of what this symbol means for Christians.

We ended our journey exploring the garden cave and considering that hope comes after sadness and joy follows pain.  


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